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Arrow Brand

Arrow Brushware is the leading manufacturer of brushware, supplying customers through South and Southern Africa.

Beier Brand

BOVA is Southern Africa's leading brand of Safety Footwear and Para Military combat boots. BOVA is synonymous with quality, reliability and innovatively designed safety boots and shoes.


Bilsom leads the industry in developing innovative sound management technologies and products that are used in the most demanding environments. Bilsom's range of earmuffs raises the bar on innovative design, performance and comfort.

Bova Brand

BOVA is Southern Africa's leading brand of Safety Footwear and Para Military combat boots. BOVA is synonymous with quality, reliability and innovatively designed safety boots and shoes.


Influenced by the streets of New York City, Bronx shoes are known for their unique styling and appeal to fashion-conscious men. Over the years, Bronx shoes have evolved from work boots and shoes into a diverse range of fashion-forward footwear including formal shoes, sneakers, boots and sandals.



Rough and Tough Caterpillar Shoes With Amazing Craftsmanship!


We have the capability and flexibility to develop and produce specialized products to customer's specific requirements.

Gedore Brand

Gedore South Africa is the leading supplier of hand tools to the South African industrial sector and maintains this position by always supplying superior quality tools to its designated markets. Gedore SA also distributes to markets in Africa, Europe, Australia and Brazil. Gedore South Africa underwrites its hand tool product quality proposition by offering a lifetime guarantee against inferior materials and workmanship on all products manufactured.

Grinding Techniques Brand

Grinding Techniques (Pty) Ltd, manufactures and supplies a wide range of abrasive products to the global market. Our product range includes: Reinforced Cutting & Grinding Wheels, Bonded Abrasives, Tungsten Carbide Burrs, Coated Abrasives, Diamond wheels and Diamond Saws.

Hotel Amenities Suppliers

Over the past 18 years Hotel Amenities Suppliers (Pty) Ltd., the largest guest supply company in Africa - has successfully supplied over 1400 clients with an extensive range of toiletries. We have also designed, created and supplied over 300 Independent Hotels with their own personalised guest amenity range. We have created a mechanism on our website for you to be able to create your own product range.


HTH Pools are easily recognizable by their water – it is sparkling blue and crystal clear! But a healthy pool is about more than just blue water, it’s about the personal satisfaction of knowing that you and your family can jump in at anytime!

Johnson Diversey

Diversey is a leading global provider of commercial cleaning and hygiene products and solutions for food safety, food and beverage hygiene, floor care, housekeeping and room care, laundry, hand hygiene and industrial cleaning.

Jonsson Brand

Jonsson Workwear is a superior quality garment incorporating many additional features not available on other brands of overalls. Jonsson Workwear garments are guaranteed against manufacture faults and have been tried and tested in the most demanding work environments since 1955.


Kemklean Hygiene Systems... our name suggests, is not just a supplier of cleaning agents. Our company philosophy is to work in partnership with our clients, to provide a total service of needs analysis, product formulation and testing, staff training and technical support that adds up to an efficient and cost effective hygiene system that works for you.


Kimberly Clark South Africa

We market innovative health and hygiene products that people come into contact with everyday.


The new generation hot & cold water high pressure unit with integrated water tank and delayed switch all resulting in increased performance with advanced safety features and very low running costs. This machine is equipped with the most efficient electrically heated unit on the market.Delivered with a 10m heavy duty high pressure hose, Starlet spray gun, hp spray lance and nozzle


Lasher Tools' commitment to superior product is clearly reflected in standards of quality that competitors struggle or simply fail, to match!


Bagshaw Safety Footwear strives for excellence in all spheres of Marketing and Manufacturing of Double Density Polyurethane Injected Safety Footwear and Nitrile Rubber Stuck-on Footwear. Excellent Quality, Customer Service and state-of-the-art equipment contribute towards our standing as market leaders in Southern Africa.


"Cleaning is an essential activity each day, every day, week in week out, 365 days of the year, every home, every commercial enterprise or industrial location cleans or is cleaned....!"

Pul Safe

Welcome to the Brand page for "PULSAFE", which is offered here for Eye protection goggles namely safety goggles and eye glasses, eye shields, face shields, welding shields; eye protection goggles and visors that incorporate respirators and filters all sold as a unit. PULSAFE brand was filed with the USPTO on November 30th, 1999, but is not registered (approved).


"In the world of uvex, we intend to be leaders in innovation - creating global value-oriented growth and the number one position in all our markets and areas of activity. Value follows innovation!"


Up to date product design, conformance with ISO9001 and every significant international specification and competitive pricing contributes to a growing export market.
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