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Tradition and a vision for the future
Carrying on our 75 year tradition - of pursuing a vision for tomorrow - is a way of showing that we care about the present and the future. The company is continually striving to learn from past experience, and to make decisions based on what we believe will the challenges of tomorrow.

Today's fast pace of development in industry presents a constant challenge to devise solutions that harmoniously integrate safety, function, quality and design. Beyond that, our vision also means a willingness to question tradition, and to take the " tried and tested " and improve it. But whether we are learning from the past or anticipating the future, our efforts are always focused on one thing above everything else: protecting people.

uvex Provides the following innovative protection products:

* Safety Eyewear
* Prescription Safety Eyewear
* Laser Safety Eyewear
* Hearing Protection
* Care Accessories
* Respirators

* Safety Helmets
* Work and Safety Clothing
* Safety Shoes and Boots
* High performance Sock Care Accessories
* Safety Gloves for Mechanical and Chemical Risks

“In the world of uvex, we intend to be leaders in innovation – creating global value-oriented growth and the number one position in all our markets and areas of activity. Value follows innovation!”

Within this framework, a mission statement has been defined which describes our prime corporate objectives: The uvex brand confirms our responsibility. The central theme of "PROTECTING PEOPLE" is our mission and this is why we are committed to develop, manufacture and distribute products and service which deliver individual safety and protection in the fields of work, sport and leisure.