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Chemical Techniques



Chemical Techniques is a manufacturer and supplier of over 600 quality easy to use effective cleaning products to various industries. The company was established in 1977 and currently boasts an 11000 sq metre production facility in the south of Johannesburg. All products are manufactured on site and delivered to our customers. A fleet of transport vehicles ensure customers receive prompt delivery and service.

Chemical Techniques regard product quality as one of most important factors in today’s competitive market and have achieved and adhere to the following specifications:

  • QMS ISO 9001
  • SABS
  • MCBA
  • NCCA

Further we have a team of technical representative to service our customer’s technical requirements. All products supplied by us and used as per our specifications are guaranteed to achieve required results. We aim to produce and supply quality, easy to use effective cleaning products. We have the capability and flexibility to develop and produce specialized products to customer’s specific requirements. We have good relationships with our international chemical supply principals. These relationships ensure that we get internationally acclaimed technology and we are always aware of new trends and products. We are well assisted and informed of international trends and various technical issues within our scope of business.

We value our environment and will gladly assist in any issues arising in this matter. We strive to ensure that the products we supply are multifunctional, thus minimizing the amount of products used on site. This also assists in minimizing storage space and ensures better stock control. This also eases tension and time spent on chemical training. We manufacture a full range of general cleaners, biocidal cleaners, food safe chemicals, floor care products, degreasers, car care products, hand cleaners, drawing compounds, lubricants, paint strippers and a range of metal treatment cleaning products.