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Award winning Kranzle AG, designer and manufacturer of the technologically advanced range of high pressure cleaning equipment, have revolutionized the high pressure industry with the introduction of the Kranzle Elektra – a technologically advanced machine ideally suited to South African conditions.

It is unique in that it has the ability to heat water after it has traversed the pump, effectively protecting the pump seals and significantly extending the life span.The Kranzle Elektra has already revealed cost savings of up to 80% on maintenance when compared with conventional fuel heated machines.The innovative cleaning system is set in a wall mounted stainless steel cabinet, effectively saving space and eliminating potential tampering with controls and settings.

The Kranzle Elektra is available from 24kW to 72kW, with flow rates from 10 to litres of water per minute, pressure from 150 to 210 bar and temperatures ranging from 60˚C to 160˚C. This results in optimum cleaning performance that easily removes the most stubborn dirt and contamination.

The high pressure heating elements are a major technical break-through in the field of electrically heated pressure cleaner systems.Water, which is heated under pressure after the pump eliminates cavitation therein, a major drawback inherent to all electric pre-heated high pressure systems.

The advantage is a drastic saving in maintenance costs, due to extended seal life and a substantial saving in running costs as a result of demand instead of storage heating.

Other Elektra versions e.g. 500V, 3-phase, 60kW, 72kW, 96kW and wet steam producing units up to 160˚C continuous are available on request.